Reset Bios Password Hp 6005 Pro

Hello. Thanks for the reply. I left the battery for 30 minutes, but reset the administrator password. Not there, peeked under the keyboard to see if he can fill it again, but no luck. Hello and thanks for your reply. I open the wizard wireless, and reset bios password hp 6005 pro it has been disabled in the configuration of the computer, he said. God knows why! Hi all I have a Compaq 6005 Pro SFF PC HP, in a classroom and a student was, is protected by password BIOS, unfortunately, we do not know or if I can, the access of the boat on this machine in its command a new disk image to create the new version of Windows 7.  Only 3 months of the machine, and if I can not unused, it is classified in its current state.  Is there a tool or a technique to reset the BIOS password. Do not correct this remove the battery! This problem has been resolved. See the solution. .